My Story

My journey with CBD began several months ago when I began feeling like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz movie. You know, the Tin Man when he isn’t able to move around well until Dorothy squirts oil onto his joints. I had joint discomfort in my body including my hands and feet. Bending, stretching and exercising became uncomfortable. I also began to experience some brain fog. All of this resulted in loss of sleep at night and it was exhausting. So there I was, a Tin Man (woman) with brain fog and insomnia. I never worried about having something serious or life threatening, but instead I felt I was having common age related health issues.

I wanted something natural to help with the discomfort and insomnia because I have always been concerned with the serious side effects associated with prescription medication.  I sat down at my computer and “surfed the world wide web”. When I searched relief from joint discomfort, brain fog and insomnia, the word CBD kept coming up. I was curious and wanted to know more about CBD.

After trying several THC-Free CBD products on the market, not really knowing if they were safe or not, I decided I wanted to be in control of the CBD products that were going directly into my body. I partnered with the best hemp growers and hemp processors in the United States. From that amazing partnership and with the help of my four daughters, I developed K Botanics. At K Botanics, we provide world class THC-Free CBD products to humans and pets.

Along with family members, good friends, and many others, I have found relief and comfort using our products. You may also experience relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and other health issues with the use of our products.

Our promise is to be honest and transparent in helping you find relief and comfort with THC-Free CBD and our mission is to Be Good, Do Good and Feel Good!

Stephanie Kendrick